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Hyper-Accelerated Math Program

NEISD offers a Hyper-Accelerated Math sequence beginning in the fall semester of the fourth grade school year. This sequence offers students the opportunity to reach challenging mathematical concepts above their current grade level beginning in elementary school, complete both Algebra I & Geometry before leaving middle school, and opens the door for further advanced math courses in high school to earn credit for college mathematics requirements. Students qualify for entrance to this pathway by way of an above-grade level screener assessment. Qualifying students demonstrate that they have an academic need for acceleration in their mathematics course 1-2 years above their peers. This Hyper-Accelerated Math pathway is an incredible opportunity for our students who have a true academic need for advancement in mathematics, and we are so excited to be able to provide our community with this option. For further information about the Hyper-Accelerated Math program, please contact our Elementary Math Department.