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Literature and learning out loud!

Leslie Smith in various pictures  

You won’t find any “Be Quiet” signs in the Las Lomas Elementary School library. You will discover puppet shows, art projects, poetry, lots of books and Librarian Leslie Smith.

This is her first year at North East ISD, but she is already making a big impact.

“I love kids, and I love literature,” said Smith. “I don’t just want them to read, though. I want them to find what they love because they will do it on their own if they love it. I want them to have the keys to the kingdom.”

Smith knows reading is fun. Just ask her. She can rattle off any number of books or engaging activities on just about any topic. With Smith at the helm, reading and learning are exciting in the Las Lomas library. It is built for students to explore and discover what they love. If a student doesn’t think they like reading, she will turn a book into a puppet show full of voices and sound effects to show students the worlds that books can open up to them.

If students are learning about something specific in their classrooms, she will create a lesson or find books in the library to reinforce their work in the classroom. 

“It’s a group effort, and I am happy to help support our teachers. I see every student. And I can offer additional resources for students who get really interested in certain topics.”

Smith is constantly looking for ways to connect with her students. She’s also looking for ways for her students to connect with what they are learning. And it is in that process that students at Las Lomas leave the library feeling loved and excited about learning.

“If you hook them with a good book or a fun lesson, they want to learn and explore. After I am gone and the day is over, they will keep searching and learning. And I love that.”

Smith is making learning fun #theNEISDway

Evan Henson
posted on: 10/23/2023