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Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Shakespeare Birthday party pics of students and teachersIt was a birthday party as epic as the renowned writer.

“Today, we’re celebrating William Shakespeare’s birthday with Shakespeare in the Park,” said Wilderness Oak Elementary School fourth grader Evie Yiannos. “We invited some other schools to come and do some Shakespeare activities so Wilderness Oak is hosting and it has been a lot of fun.”

Fourth grade Gifted & Talented (GT) students from Castle Hills, Oak Meadow, Huebner, Coker and Canyon Ridge took a trip to Wilderness Oak to celebrate in style today. The group started by making birthday cards with Elizabethan terms and their very own quills for writing.

Students mingled with peers from different campuses as they moved through curated Shakespearean stations. In one room, they made pomander balls. Shakespeare lived through the bubonic plague. These oranges stitched with cloves and various spices were once thought to ward off the plague and other diseases.

In another classroom, students called on their Shakespearean knowledge and vocabulary to navigate their way out of an online escape room. They rewrote the ending of their Shakespeare tale of choice as a comic strip in the final station.

Students make pomander balls

Engaging and immersive challenges like this are enough to make even the most skeptical student fall for Shakespeare. Just ask Wilderness Oak fourth grader Connor Orbin.

“When I first heard we were going to learn about Shakespeare, I wasn’t really that excited because it’s known as kind of a highbrow thing to learn about,” said Connor. “But when we read the stories, I thought it was amazing. My personal favorite is Julius Caesar. I’m really glad we’re celebrating, in my opinion, the best writer on Earth.”

Evie can’t pick just one favorite play. But she can pick one favorite teacher – and that’s Suzanne Horan.

“I just like that she always pushes you to be your best,” said Evie. “If we’re struggling, she’ll talk us through it. She just helps us be a better person not only in the classroom but in real life. It’s been a really good experience.”

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Lila Stanley
Posted on 4-20-22