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Second Grading Policy

2nd Grade Grading Policy 2017-2018

•         Students with a failing grade will be given 1 opportunity after reteach to make a grade no higher than a 70, except spelling tests and open book/note tests and assignment. A grade lower than a 70 can be recorded if the content is not independently mastered after a reteach.

•         All grades will carry the same weight

•         Students will be given a day for every day absent to make up missed work

•         Late work may have 20% taken off grade


2nd Grade Homework Policy 2017-2018

*       Students are to read every night for a minimum of 15 minutes; a total of 75       minutes a week

*         Students will be given homework on Monday to be turned in Friday

*           Homework should be a maximum total of 60 minutes a week