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Redland Oaks found its missing piece.

Banner with NYE holding NEISD way sign

Have you ever tried to complete a project and realized you still needed a piece?

It’s the worst. 

Thankfully, people like Spencer Nye are there to help.

He owns an online store where people can buy specific LEGO bricks they may need to complete their projects. 

So, helping complete projects is kind of Nye’s thing. But it’s not just LEGO projects. If Redland Oaks Elementary School needs its lawn mowed before a big event, you’ll find Nye out there with his mower. Overgrown tree limbs? Nye’s got clippers and a chainsaw. Need an extra hand in the spirit store or helping students with an art project? Nye makes the time.

He’s the missing piece needed for so many projects around Redland Oaks. He started volunteering as a WATCH DOG when his son was in first grade. Now, his son is in fifth grade, and Nye serves Redland Oaks as the PTA Treasurer and an extra hand whenever needed. 

“If I see something that needs to be done, I just jump in and do it. No matter how many times you ask for volunteers, there’s just never enough. My schedule allows me to help and I am happy to do it.”

It doesn’t take much time to make a difference; 15 minutes in the morning or an hour at lunch can positively impact a campus and the community. While he doesn’t do it for the fame, he enjoys how much the students show their appreciation with smiles or high fives when he’s around.

“I can see myself continuing to help after my kids leave. It’s part of my community whether my kids go here or not.”

April 15-19 is National Volunteer Week. Whether you’re a parent who loves to mow the yard, a grandparent looking to stay active, or a business partner looking for ways to support your community, we know the greatest gift you can give is your time. 

You can help in our classrooms, hallways, cafeterias and extracurriculars in countless ways. If you have a desire to serve our community, we will help you find the right fit for your talents and skillset.

Find out what it means to give back #theNEISDway by volunteering in our District. If you have questions, contact the Volunteer Program at 210-407-0309.

Evan Henson
posted on: 04/18/2024