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When saving a life is business as usual

 Kelly and Mollee hold the NEISD way sign with text

Saving a life is business as usual for Canyon Ridge Elementary School Nurse Kelly Williams. 

Nurses are selfless, devoted and caring. Kelly personifies these traits. She isn’t interested in recognition. She shows up to work every day ready for anything. 

Kelly was ready when a new student walked into the clinic with a cough. Kelly quickly determined they were having an allergic reaction and called the student’s parents, who confirmed they had no known allergies. She then made the call to administer an EpiPen. 

“When we gave them the EpiPen it was almost an immediate turnaround. This is my sixth year and I had never given an EpiPen before to any students. It was great to see them improve so quickly.”  

The student is okay, and Kelly made sure of that by calling their parents after they picked the child up and took them to a hospital. It’s yet another example of the way she cares for her students, colleagues and family. She’s the first to tell you she couldn’t do her job without Clinic Assistant Mollee Shores. 

Kelly isn’t just a nurse, she’s also a mom whose children attend NEISD schools, including Canyon Ridge. 

“I moved to school nursing for a more balanced family and work life, but I found so much more with NEISD,” said Kelly. “I found an entire community to serve. I think there’s a lot of trust because they know me as a mom. It’s neat to watch all of them grow up. They know that I’m always here for them.”

Thank you, Kelly, for showing compassion #theNEISDway.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 3-2-23