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Degrees and Certifications:

Trinity University, Bachelor of Arts in English Trinity University, Master of Arts in Teaching University of Hull, Master of Arts in English Literature

Elizabeth Muire

I'm not a local San Antonian-- I grew up in a small-ish city in west Texas, called Midland (yes, if you've seen Friday Night Lights, it was pretty much like that). 

I came to San Antonio in 2006 for college and have found it fairly difficult to make myself leave. I graduated from Trinity University in 2010 with a BA in English, and stayed on an extra year to do a MA in Teaching. I did my teaching internship here at LEE High School. I finished that in the Spring of 2011.
After my internship, in the fall of 2011, I headed off to Ye* Olde** England and did an MA in English Literature at the University of Hull, in Northern England. I finished that in September 2012, and returned to the States, where I joined the STEM team midyear, in November. After the 12-13 school year, I spent a year working at Churchill High School teaching freshman English, and then rejoined STEM for the 14-15 school year. 
I share a house with a good friend of mine and two cats: a sulky and overly-affectionate tiger-stripe named Viola, from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and a more-than-slightly overweight black ninja-cat named Miranda, from Shakespeare's The Tempest.
*In early writing, as movable type came more into play but spelling still had not been standardized, typographers struggled to find a way to represent the Old English rune "thorn", which makes a 'th' sound. As a thorn in Medieval block script looks something like 'y', they used a y for it in continental presses without the thorn. Meaning "Ye" is still pronounced "the".
**This, on the other hand, is a faux-Early English rendering. It wasn't unusual for words to have 'e's on the end that don't crop up in modern spelling, but old probably wasn't one of them. 


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