• About Us

    Serving Grades 6-8

    Tejeda Middle School is focused on creating the ultimate educational environment in which all students can reach his/her highest potential. Whether in academics, Fine Arts, and/or athletics, we strive for excellence. Tejeda provides and encourages all students to participate and experience every facet of learning. Our partnerships with parents and community members is crucial to the overall enhancement of these experiences.


    We challenge every student to excel and demonstrate the highest levels of leadership, academic excellence, technical skills, and responsible citizenship.


    We believe that through a commitment to continual learning about our students, we can equitably provide for their individual growth in literacy as well as their social and emotional development.

    Education Approach

    Collective Commitments

    1. Every teacher is engaged in a process to assess student learning on a timely and frequent basis through the use of teacher-developed common formative

    2. Every teacher has a specific plan to ensure that students who experience initial difficulty in learning are provided with additional time and support for learning during the school day in a timely and directive way that does not cause the students to miss any new direct instruction

    3. All professionals are organized into collaborative teams and are given the time and structure during their regular workday to collaborate with colleagues on specific issues that directly impact student learning

    4. Every teacher receives frequent and timely information regarding the success of his or her students in learning the essential curriculum and then uses that information to identify strengths and weaknesses as part of a process of continuous improvement

    5. Every teacher will commit to checking-in on all students' social and emotional

  • Campus Facts

  • 1192 Enrolled Students Asian: 10%, White: 35%, Hispanic: 42%, African American: 6%, Native American: <1%, Pacific Islander: <1%, Two or More: 6%
  • Midnight Blue/Silver School Colors
  • Timberwolf Mascot
  • 2001 Year of Establishment

    Student Handbooks

    Please take a few moments to become familiar with our Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. North East ISD schools foster a climate of equity and mutual respect for the rights of others. Students are expected to respect the rights and privileges of other students, teachers, and school employees.

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  • Our Cluster

    Welcome to the Johnson Cluster in the North East Independent School District. As a Tejeda Middle School School student, your child will establish a passion, curiosity, and foundation for life-long learning while nurturing their social and emotional skills. Outside of the classroom, your child can embrace what they love or try something new through diverse clubs, programs and organizations. 

    Your child will discover even more opportunities at Tejeda and Tex Hill Middle School. As their academic foundation expands in the classroom, their circle of friends and experiences will grow through new opportunities in Athletics, Fine Arts, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, competitive UIL contests, and more. 

    At Johnson High School, your child will excel academically and socially while embracing beloved Jaguar traditions with memories that will last a lifetime. Your child has the freedom and support to pursue their passions in a variety of nationally recognized programs, organizations, and clubs – from Athletics to JROTC, Band, Dance, PALS, Photography, UIL, and much more.

     There’s so much to discover in the Johnson cluster. Thank you for choosing NEISD.