• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • The Canyon Ridge Library had two in-person author visits this school year. Jeff Mack came in and talked to Pre-K- 2nd grade students about the writing and illustrating process. Dan Gemeinhart met with the 3rd-5th grade students and the Kindness Club to discuss writing and the importance of being kind to others.
  • The Canyon Ridge Library hosted a 2nd grade Fairy Tale Bowl and 3rd & 4th grade Battle of the Books to encourage reading for pleasure and comprehension retention by conducting friendly grade level competitions for students to demonstrate their knowledge of each of the selected titles for that grade.
  • The Canyon Ridge Library was excited to have two in-person book fairs. The fall and spring book fairs were a huge success. This was a wonderful opportunity to get great reading material into the hands of our students.
  • The Canyon Ridge Library held many reading challenges this year including a genre challenge, a Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break challenge. Students were encouraged to read different types and genres of books. It was a great way to explore stories we might have missed otherwise.
  • Students in 3rd-5th grades had the opportunity to participate in the Texas Bluebonnet Award Book Challenge. Students were encouraged to read from the list of nominees. Students reading or listening to at least 5 books were allowed to vote for their favorite Bluebonnet book. Many amazing books were read and our campus voted Scary Stories for Young Foxes as their favorite.
Author talking to students
ebooks books in collection
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Students working on engineering project.


  • Canyon Ridge had fun celebrating World Space Week in the library. Students explored different types of spaceships, the Mars rover, the International Space Station, the moon phase, and many other space-related facts using centers in the library.
  • The first annual Pumpkin Chunkin Challenge was started for our 3rd and 4th grade students. This project combines research, engineering, and the creation of catapults to launch candy pumpkins. Students researched catapults using Britannica, then with their group they planned, designed, and created a catapult using limited resources. Each group was able to launch their pumpkin to see what group went the farthest. The Pumpkin Chunkin Winning Cup was given to the winning class for bragging rights.
  • Poetry was a topic celebrated all year in the Canyon Ridge Library. Fifth graders were given picture books and matching poems to read and find similarities between. Students were also challenged to find multiple similarities and differences between the different styles of writing.
  • Students listened to the story Run, Turkey, Run in the library. The students then took parts of the story and put them in order. Students then programmed coding mice to follow along with the parts of the story. Once students coded the mice correctly students retold the story as the mice followed along.
  • Kindergarten studies map skills with their curriculum. In the library, we read Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map. The librarian created a map of the library and the students read the map to find the x for their treasure. The students worked as a class to find the treasure.

Students making seed paper

Lesson Spotlight

The second grade teachers wanted their students to research recycling this year. Students came to the library to learn and explore the importance of recycling. Students learned how to ask good questions, answer questions using library resources, and share their information. One of the concluding projects was to make recycled seed paper using collected recycled paper from their classrooms. A paper and water mixture was created and seeds were added. Students were able to explore the process of papermaking and found a way to not only use the new paper but to also add value to the environment with wildflowers.



  • The Canyon Ridge Librarian had the opportunity to work closely with new librarians. I served as a mentor for the new Las Lomas Librarian. It was a wonderful way to infuse new ideas and opportunities into the library and share ideas with others.
  • The first grade team was studying arctic animals so we collaborated on large group research on polar bears. After studying polar bears for multiple weeks the student learned how to use the coding mice and coded the mice to follow a day in a polar bear, including what they ate and what activities they might participate in during the day.
  • The second grade team was studying poetry in the classroom so the library created “Poetrees” for each of the classrooms so that students could add leaves with their own or their favorite poems on the leaves. Both the teacher and librarian followed up with lessons on studying the different types of poetry.
  • The librarian collaborated with 3rd-5th grade teachers to review the different types of genres you could find in the library. The students were given a genre scavenger hunt to complete and then the students were given a genre reading challenge to complete on their own for prizes.
  • The Canyon Ridge Library participated in the Hour of Code Week in December. The campus instructional technology specialist collaborated with the librarian to integrate various coding activities in the library for all grade levels.

Collaboration Spotlight

This year the Canyon Ridge Librarian and the GT teacher coached the Robotics Team beginning in September. Together we learned about the District’s new robotics program Vex and we learned how to problem solve and work together to support our team. Students were challenged to use the Vex pieces to create a fully working robot, which they did program. This was a great way to get students to create and work on coding at the campus. The robotics team attended a competition at Madison in February. The students did well with working as a team and had a great time.


Robotics team at competition

Campus Leader

  • The Canyon Ridge Librarian had the opportunity to present to the staff about Canva and library resources. This presentation will help staff to create more engaging and challenging lessons for students. The librarian presented with a campus intern she is supervising this year.
  • The Canyon Ridge Librarian helps with Kinder Round-Up each year. The librarian reads a story to the new students and helps them get ready to sing the school song. Future coyotes are also gifted a book because at Canyon Ridge we love books and reading!
  • The Canyon Ridge Library has a Twitter account (@LibraryCanyon) to update patrons on activities and events happening in the library.
  • The morning announcements are run by 5th graders and supervised by the librarian who helps train and runs the morning news program. I love reaching every student and teacher with welcoming words and important information every day.
  • This year the librarian had the opportunity to sit on the Campus Redesign Training. A small group of staff was invited to help create the future vision of the campus website. We met over several months to make sure that the design and information were supportive and helpful for our community.
Teachers at training
News team