• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Collaborated with the bilingual instructional coach and 4th grade classroom teachers to promote a love of reading, English language acquisition, and reading endurance through the hosting and promotion of a Battle of the Books reading program.
  • Exposed and empowered students to explore concepts of computer science through a variety of lessons and activities at every grade level throughout the school year in the library and Makerspace.
  • Collaborated with campus staff, other librarians, and community partners to foster a love of reading through multiple reading promotions and challenges with campus wide participation.
  • The library is the heart of the school and is where many campus & community events take place. In collaboration with campus staff we were able to host a number of activities including: Literary Pumpkin Patch, Leadership North East training, tutoring sessions, Leprechaun traps, morning announcements, & multiple professional development sessions
  • Provided opportunities for students and staff to attend author visits with Aaron Reynolds (Virtual), Pam Munoz Ryan (Virtual), Nathan Hale, Alda Dobbs and magician Spikey Mikey to inspire a love of reading and writing.
Author Nathan Hale presenting to students
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Kinder students sorting images for research


  • Collaborated with second grade teachers to complete a guided inquiry social studies unit about American Symbols in which students identified different symbols, created questions and gathered information to share with others.
  • Collaborated with 5th grade teachers to support learning standards in science and social studies while doing two guided inquiry research units on the topics of Energy and Unsung Heroes. Students explored ideas, identified questions, and used multiple library resources to investigate and gather information to create presentations to share their new knowledge
  • Working with teachers to support instructional TEKS, students were encouraged to read different genres at the Book Tasting Cafe. Students entered the library to discover it had been transformed into a cafe with menus and their own personal library chef. Each student left with a new genre and a full tummy.
  • What is better than research? Research that includes a SEL lesson too. When learning about being a good citizen in the classroom, students came to the library, and we read the book Speak Up by Miranda Paul. Students then researched different citizens who rose to the challenge and made a difference.
  • Rolling the dice to increase fluency in the library. After a lesson on how to use the Dewey Decimal system that included rolling dice to explore random areas in the non-fiction section of the library, students were empowered to find books on many topics, resulting in increased student engagement with informational texts and increased circulation.

students looking at earthworms

Lesson Spotlight

Collaborated with K-2nd grade to support science TEKS. After reading an award winning 2 X 2 picture book, What About Worms, students created questions and searched for information using library resources including Pebble Go, Britannica On-line, Capstone ebooks, as well as print books to learn more about earthworms. Students also got to engage and observe live earthworms as part of their research. Upon completion of their research, students created a worm farm for the campus garden extending the learning beyond the library walls.



  • Collaboration is the key with my PLC librarian group. The group consists of my mentor and my mentee who all come from dual language campuses. We all have different years of experience that when put together explodes into exciting lessons and an enjoyable time. We have met many times throughout the year to create engaging lessons for our students. It also inspired us to lift each other up and make us leave our comfort zone and try new things.
  • It’s never too early to think about your future job! Collaborating with kindergarten teachers and creating a TEKS focused research unit on jobs made our inquiry unit fun and engaging for all students.
  • How do you make text features exciting? Create a “text features” Jeopardy game of course. Working with the 4th grade teachers, I created a text features review game to support their learning. All students were engaged and learning was accomplished.
  • Students’ teachers were concerned about student anxiety. I created a SEL lesson that the ELA teacher and I taught in which students learned ways to deal with their worries. Students were encouraged to write their worries down and leave them behind. I later learned that this became a school wide phenomenon with students writing and leaving their worries behind about the campus.
  • Working to make sure literacy remains at the forefront often means collaborating in unusual ways such as providing a reading focused magic show as a rotation during the PE Coach’s Field Day or modeling a read aloud as part of the Music Teacher’s PTA show.

Collaboration Spotlight

What do you get when you put a librarian who LOVES putting books in kids’ hands and a family specialist who LOVES family outreach? You get “Read with Me,”an amazing collaboration that impacts the families of our youngest students and brings them into the castle for biweekly literacy celebrations through the library. Parents of our PK students are invited into the library where conversations about healthy eating, exercise, and literacy are modeled around a selected story. In addition to hands-on activities, each family leaves with a copy of the book to add to their home library. The classroom teacher also receives a copy of the book for the classroom library. Participants from the community who are not yet enrolled in a campus PK program participate in a separate (virtual)session and receive the same lesson supplies. Over the course of the year, the parents and children look forward to visiting the campus and finding a home in the library.


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Campus Leader

  • In addition to modeling the use of all the elementary library resources to teachers during classroom library instruction, I was also able to provide training on the implementation of Learning Ally to assist struggling readers and ELL students making the transition to English to all teachers at a staff meeting. I was able to follow up with a tailored session with specific teachers as needed.
  • As the campus web page coordinator it is a privilege to keep the community informed and updated about the castle. As an active member of the campus PTA, I attend all meetings and collaborate in meaningful ways with our music teacher and family specialist to engage our community in activities such as dream boards, musicals, recognitions, and literacy events
  • Check out all the great things happening in the library via Twitter @RegencyLibrary or our campus FB page. Search #RootEdRegencyPlace.
  • As an integral member of the campus leadership team I serve on the Campus Improvement Committee and supervise the student morning announcement crew each day. I also supervise the paraprofessional in charge of the campus MakerSpace assisting in the creation and monitoring the implementation of STEAM lessons for students in K-5th grade each day
  • Seeking to expand my knowledge to increase student learning requires taking advantage of professional learning opportunities. NEISD Library Services provided several professional development sessions and I attended the ESC 20 Learning & Libraries virtual conference (and presented a session on our “Read With Me” program). I was part of our campus web page redesign committee and completed the de escalation coursework for the campus crisis prevention team.
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