• Referral Deadlines for 2023-2024

    Referral periods vary for each grade.  

    Traditional Calendar Campuses: 

    Staff members and parents can refer students for GT testing prior to the referral deadline.  Current NEISD students not referred by the deadlines below will be asked to wait for the next year's referral period.  

    Traditional Calendar Campuses: 

    • September 1, 2023 for 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

    • October 27, 2023 for 2nd grade

    • December 31, 2023 for Kindergarten

    • January 26, 2024 for middle school (current 6th-8th graders)

    • March 1, 2024 for high school (current 9th-12th graders)

    • March 8, 2024 for 5th graders entering 6th grade (GT Math and/or GT English)


    Testing Windows for 2023-2024


    1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th 


    2nd Grade 



    January - February

    5th Grade for Secondary (6th-12th GT ELAR and/or GT Math)


    Middle School, 6th-8th, for the following school year. 


    High School, 9th-12th, for the following school year.   


    If students are transferring from another NEISD campus and are receiving GT services, they automatically begin GT services at their new NEISD school.

    If students are transferring from another district with a GT status, please provide the necessary documentation and have the other school send testing data to the campus GT Teacher (elementary) or counselor (middle and high school). The GT teacher and central office personnel will review the data and inform parents if the testing is parallel to NEISD and scores are at the district standard. Additional testing may be needed. Scores older than 2 years are considered outdated and new tests will need to be administered. 

    Military students, whose parents are active military and students have GT status from a GT program, will qualify automatically due to the Interstate Compact Act on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, as long as there is documentation. Please reach out to the GT office to complete the paperwork if this applies to your child.