Fourth Grade's Grading Policy

  • Subject grades will be categorized and weighted as follows:

      • Math and Science:

                                 3 Categories: Daily Work-60%, Tests-30%, Quizzes-10%


    When a child earns less than a 70% on a graded assignment or test, he/she will have an opportunity to work with the teacher on the missed concept for a re-teach in class, and then the assignment/test may be corrected or redone in class or sent home for an opportunity to earn up to a 70%.  



    • Students are responsible for completing and turning in homework and class assignments on time. Students will receive a responsibility mark for a homework assignment received after its due date.
    • Teacher may deduct up to 20% from the total grade earned as a late penalty for any assignment turned in after the due date in accordance with district published regulations.


    When a student has been absent, he/she should request make-up work upon returning to school. For each day absent, a student has one day to make up the assignment (Ex: If the student is absent 2 days, then the assignment is due on the 3rd day after returning to school).