Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sandra Geisbush, M.Ed, NBCT

                                                                         Sandra Geisbush, M.Ed, NBCT

I have been a teacher for 38 years, with 30 years in San Antonio's North East ISD. I have been with the NEISD STEM ACADEMY since its opening in 2007. Throughout my career I have taught Grades 3 through 12, at the university level, in adult education, and in community education. Before moving to Texas, I taught at the International School of Bangkok and at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok,Thailand, as well as at the Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Germany and South Korea. I also enjoyed teaching at Han Yang University and the Korean Department of Defense Administration School in Seoul, Korea. Stateside assignments have included teaching in Washington, California, Florida, and Texas. My TEA Certifications include Science, Computer Science, Counselor, General Education, Health Education, Bilingual Education, and GT.

I take pride in being a National Board Certified Teacher and an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Emeritus with the National Science Foundation and the Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education. I am a recipient of the prestigious National Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching and I represent Texas on the Associate Teacher Advisory Board for the National Academies of Science. I serve as a manuscript reviewer for the National Science Teachers Association and for the Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research. Through these and other national, state, and area affiliations, I have the opportunity to provide an educator's voice to national policy-making and to contribute to positive and proactive educational reform. In the classroom I promote differentiated instruction, inquiry-focused problem/project based learning, and the integration of computer science through modeling, simulations, and programming to promote scientific and computational thinking for 21st Century learners.

Combining my passion for learning and teaching with my love for travel and adventure, I have been fortunate to participate in several research projects including Holocene Climate Change and Glaciology research in High Arctic Polar Regions; Geophysics / Petroleum Engineering Research in Canada's Northwest Territories and Alaska; Coastal and Gulf Erosion Research in Texas and Florida; and Geophysics & Hydrology River Studies in Nebraska and Colorado.

When not teaching, traveling, researching, presenting, and mentoring, I enjoy "Hill Country Living" in Bulverde, Texas with my husband. My favorite leisure activites include traveling, exploring, studying, reading,and  enjoying my six wonderful grandchildren and their awesome parents!