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Unit 2: An Introduction to Water

Please complete the following assignments in order. 

Wonderful Water PPT      Wonderful Water Student notes  

Intro to Water PPT         Intro to Water Student Notes

Gizmo Login (Code:FFT7M4)  Water Cycle Gizmo Exploration Sheet

Water Cycle Poster-You will research the stages of the water cycle and make a poster that reflects all aspects.

Phet simulation-phet is available through the NEISD Launchpad site. Once in click on Phet then in the search tab type pH. pH PhET Simulation Worksheet

Carbon Cycle Video Clip Assignment.  

     For this assignment you will be creating a poster explaining what the carbon cycle is and why it is so important.  See your teacher for posterboard.

5.Basics of Geography Video Worksheet. Watch the following video and complete the worksheet. (Video transcripts available upon request).

6. Topic 2 Quiz