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You’ve got a friend in me

Jack Hilliard and Andrew Scholl hold the NEISD way sign with text

Jack Hilliard and Andrew Scholl have become fast friends. 

Jack is a senior at Reagan High School and Andrew is a fifth grader at Wilderness Oak Elementary School. Despite their age difference, these two have a lot in common. They both love sports and like to draw. 

Getting to hang out with each other through the Peer Assistance Leadership and Service (PALS) program is always the highlight of their day. 

“I think the PALS program is really cool,” said Andrew. “I’ve had some friendship troubles this year so I’m really happy I joined this program. I think it makes me see things from maybe a different perspective.” 

While Jack and Andrew bond while shooting hoops or drawing, they share what’s going on with their lives. They talk about everything from coping with grief to navigating friendships and schoolwork. 

“My brother had a PAL when he was in third and fourth grade and I saw how it impacted him in a positive way,” said Jack. “So, I wanted a chance to do that for somebody else. It’s been really fun and easy to get to know him. We have a lot of things in common.” 

The mission at the heart of the PALS program is to create lasting connections that enrich the lives of our students. For Jack, that means doing everything he can to leave his community better than he found it. 

“To make a kid’s day better, it makes my day better.”

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 10-27-22