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Think Pink!

Judy Marshall holding the NEISD way sign by the mammogram mobile

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While it’s a time of advocacy and awareness, it’s a timeless message that’s not lost on Judy Marshall. 

She’s a retired educator, who previously worked at Ridgeview Elementary School, and a two-time breast cancer survivor. 

“Every time you get a mammogram, it’s a little like a fire drill until you get the all clear.” 

Judy has a special connection to Canyon Ridge Elementary School. Her daughter, Melissa Davies, is a teacher there. While she’s now retired, Judy is known to volunteer her time at the Canyon Ridge library

She was delighted to learn that the school had partnered with Christus Santa Rosa to provide 3D mammograms for our staff and families on the final day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Our lives can get busy quickly, and it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize our health. Judy wants to encourage everyone to prioritize mammograms and self-exams. 

“Be proactive and get a mammogram,” said Judy. “These teachers, most of them have children and busy lives. The fact that they can do it here and not have to make that appointment is huge. The proactive piece is huge.” 

Being proactive is key. Having the opportunity to do so during your workday can be a lifesaver. Thank you, Canyon Ridge, for caring for your staff and community #theNEISDway.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 10-31-23