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Learning Together

Woman reading a book to kids

Stories have a way of connecting people.

They also have a way of making learning fun.

One more fun fact about stories, kids love hearing them.

Recently, a group of adults enrolled in North East ISD’s Adult Education program stopped by Canyon Ridge and Stone Oak elementary schools to read stories to kindergarten and pre-K students.

“They have to learn more and more,” said one of the students after hearing the story. “She did a good job.”

parents reading to kids

The adults reading to the kids are from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, El Salvador, Argentina and Russia. English isn’t their first language.

They are learning English, and reading to the students gives them a chance to practice what they’ve learned and gain more confidence in their speaking.

The Adult Education program works in partnership with Family Specialists on campuses to offer English as a Second Language (ESL) and high school equivalency classes to parents on their home campuses, so they can attend classes while their kids are in school.  Community members can also choose to take classes at the District’s Ferrari Learning center and online.


Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 04/25/2022