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    Serving Grades 9–12

    Learning for Life, Learning for Leadership

    Welcome to Ronald Reagan High School where we prepare your Rattler for success with nationally recognized programs, more than ninety clubs and organizations, and an innovative, committed facility with high academic standards focused on students.


    Ronald Reagan High School is committed to providing an environment where students benefit from a 360° education through a well-rounded curriculum that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and social development.


    Ronald Reagan High School is a campus that aspires to have its students learn for life and for leadership.

    Education Approach

    Reagan teachers have adopted five critical practices that result in highly effective teaching.  Teachers begin by framing the lesson where they give a clear and concise picture of what will be happening in class.  Teachers at Reagan teach from the “power zone”, which means that they will be circulating through the classroom to provide easy access to students throughout the class time.  The third practice is to recognize and reinforce student’s achievements to help students maintain their motivation.  Teachers also provide opportunities for frequent small group and purposeful talk about the information being presented.  Lastly teachers encourage students to write critically to increase their retention, refine their thinking, and make their learning visible.

  • Campus Facts

  • 3,396 Enrolled Students Asian: 7.1%, White: 45.1%, Hispanic: 40.3%, African American: 4.1%, Native American: 0.2%, Pacific Islander: 0.3%, Two or More: 3%
  • Green, Black, & Silver School Colors
  • Rattler Mascot
  • 1999 Year of Establishment

    Student Handbooks

    Please take a few moments to become familiar with our Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. North East ISD schools foster a climate of equity and mutual respect for the rights of others. Students are expected to respect the rights and privileges of other students, teachers, and school employees.

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  • The Reagan Way!

  • Our Cluster

    Welcome to the Reagan Cluster in the North East Independent School District. As a Reagan High School School student, your child will establish a passion, curiosity, and foundation for life-long learning while nurturing their social and emotional skills. Outside of the classroom, your child can embrace what they love or try something new through diverse clubs, programs and organizations. 

    Your child will discover even more opportunities at Lopez and Bush Middle School. As their academic foundation expands in the classroom, their circle of friends and experiences will grow through new opportunities in Athletics, Fine Arts, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, competitive UIL contests, and more. 

    At Reagan High School, your child will excel academically and socially while embracing beloved Rattler traditions with memories that will last a lifetime. Your child has the freedom and support to pursue their passions in a variety of nationally recognized programs, organizations, and clubs – from Athletics to JROTC, Band, Dance, PALS, Photography, UIL, and much more.

    There’s so much to discover in the Reagan cluster. Thank you for choosing NEISD.