• Here are some reading terms you might be wondering about:

      Phonemic Awareness- The ability to hear, identify, and manipulate sounds in spoken words. 

      Phonological Memory- Coding information and storing it into memory.

      Rapid Naming- Being able to quickly retrieve phonological information from memory.

      These things work together to allow us to read.  If your child needs help with these skills you can find some great resources here:

      The Florida Center for Reading Research has some wonderful tools for your child to use at home and school:  http://www.fcrr.org/for-educators/sca.asp


      The Texas Primary Reading Inventory also has some great resources for you: 

      Here are some great resources to practice phonics online.  Follow this link from Parenting Chaos for some great tools to practice at home! 


      Nothing can replace the act of reading!  Being read to, reading together, or listening to your child read is the most powerful thing you can do at home to help your child improve their reading. Research shows that reading 20 minutes each night is the equivalent of reading 3,600 minutes during the school year and 1,800,000 per year!  That is amazing!  Just think of all the doors this will open for your child!

      Read, read, read!