• MACE Credit Recovery and Initial Credit Recovery Contract


    The purpose of the MACE/Achieve program is to help willing MacArthur students who are behind to earn credits and get back on track for graduation.  MACE/Achieve students must demonstrate their commitment by filling out the application packet and successfully completing an interview with the MACE/Achieve Coordinator. Upon acceptance, a credit recovery plan will be developed with the student’s counselor.  MACE/Achieve students will use the NEISD approved Edgenuity (E2020) curriculum to recover credits.

    As a student, you will be expected to work in a technology environment and do whatever is necessary to progress at a satisfactory pace.  This may include E2020 homework.   In addition, you must maintain passing grades in all classes and meet state attendance requirements to remain in MACE/Achieve. You can only earn credit by completing the curriculum.  Upon completion, the grade of 70 will be placed on the transcript or “PASS” for initial credit. The expectation is that you will complete the coursework as quickly as possible and begin another course, if required.