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MacTEACH seniors leave without a trace

students with custodial supplies

As graduation nears, there is a lot of talk about the impact left behind by the graduating class.

But there is one group leaving a lasting impression by making sure they leave nothing behind.

Students in the MacTEACH program are focused on service.

These seniors go through the campus cleaning up with the custodians every day after school.

They take out trash, sweep and mop.

“They remain tireless in their desire to see their campus at its best,” said MacTEACH Founder Steven Davidson. “I can think of no better representation of what MacArthur is at its core than these students who give so much academically, in their extracurricular activities and in their service efforts. This is what MacArthur is, has been, and will continue to be because students like these carry with them a most uncommon characteristic, one truly synonymous with MacArthur - service beyond the self.”

These students are members of the band, swim team, theatre, choir and Model UN. They will be attending universities all across the state and country next year. But thanks to this one program, they have something in common that will stay with them and MacArthur for years to come.

students cleaning the school

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 05/02/2022