• Clinic Hours:  On a typical school day, the nurse is present from 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    Clinic Phone:  210-407-5803 

    NEISD Health Services: 210-356-9244

    Feeling sick? Click here to read NEISD Policy in the Safety Plan/Plan de Seguridad. Covid rapid tests may be available by appointment only at Oak Meadow and 9-4 at NEISD Sports Park on Wetmore Rd for those exposed 5 days ago or after >48 hours of symptoms. If you suspect your child is ill or contagious please do not send them. Please call for any questions or concerns!

    Elementary School Clinic Survival Guide for Parents

     Pack a change of clothes, all grades.

    • Kids have all kinds of accidents from toileting to spilling drinks to jumping in puddles.
    • Pack an extra change of clothes in your students backpack and you can avoid a run to the school if their clothes become soiled.
    • Put them in a ziplock baggy or plastic bag and the soiled clothes will be transferred into it for transport home.

    We will call you as infrequently as possible, but we will call you.

    We won’t call you for every little thing, but definitely for any big thing and some of the things in between. We respect your time and your need to be at work.

    Here are some (but not all) of the reasons we will call you:

    • Fever (100+ degrees)*
    • Head bumps (even little ones)**
    • Major vomiting*
    • Contagious symptoms*
    • Needing a change of clothes*
    • Injuries that leave marks**
    • Any condition requiring a physician*
    • Any emergency*

    *these events will require someone to come to the school

    **these calls are for your information

    And here are some (but not all) of the things we will not call you for:

    • Small cuts and scratches
    • Bug bites
    • Twisted ankles (minor)
    • Minor or single vomiting episodes (e.g. cough or exercise related)
    • Sore throats without other symptoms
    • Minor nosebleeds

    If you are concerned with how frequently your student goes to the clinic, please discuss this with your student & the teacher who sends them in.

    ***Consider adding the school numbers to your contact list:

    Office: 210-407-5800

    Clinic: 210-407-5803

    Fax: 210-407-5809

    Picking up your students from the clinic: Make plan B!

    • Sometimes things happen that will require your student to go home or to the physician. In these cases, prompt retrieval of your student is expected and required.
    • Plan B: A plan for someone other than you who answers their phone and available to retrieve your student when you can’t.
    • Please make sure your emergency contacts are up-to-date and that you have a trusted friend or family member among them.

    Per NEISD and Texas State policy, some symptoms also require a student to be cleared to return to school.

    • If your student is having symptoms that aren’t normal for them, consider monitoring them at home or calling the school nurse or your pediatrician to discuss.
    • Please do NOT give them ibuprofen or Tylenol to mask a fever and send them; this puts many other students and families at risk for illness, too! Fevers and diarrhea must be gone >24 hours WITHOUT medication usage before returning.


    • Students are overall not allowed to carry medications.
    • Medications can be kept in the clinic on a short-term basis with a signed Short-term form and long-term meds require guardian and physician signatures. Guardians can come give your student medication any time.
    • We do not give morning medications that can be given before arrival. Medications to be given 2x or 3x daily are to be given before and after school/in the evening.

    Vision and Hearing screening

    • Vision and hearing are screened in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades, and 5th grade girls are screened by a female nurse for spinal conditions.
    • If your student fails a screening, you will be notified and referred to further testing from a physician.
    • These screens help us catch hearing and vision issues at a young age so we can correct preventable academic challenges before they become an issue.


    Any other concerns or conditions we should be aware of? Please speak with us, we are here to help!

    Bleeding conditions, activity restrictions, seizure instructions, severe allergies, asthma, etc.

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