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Kevin Maine is wired to be an electrician

Kevin Maine holds the NEISD way signKevin Maine was wired to be an electrician. He first realized he had an instinct for the trade as a student at MacArthur High School. He excelled in the electrical program and even worked a couple of summers at North East ISD before graduating in 1983. It wasn't long before he got a call to come back home and work as an electrician in the District.

"There was a man by the name of Steve Foster that I have to credit a lot to. He was the one that came in and asked if anybody wanted a little summer job with the school district. He was a mentor to me."

Maine attended Clear Spring Elementary School and Krueger Middle School before moving to MacArthur. Nearly 40 years later, he's still making the rounds at the campuses and facilities he grew up in. Working as an electrician in a school district offers a unique set of challenges. There's a lot of troubleshooting involved, especially when it comes to maintaining our older facilities. But that's a challenge Maine enjoys.

"It's totally different here because on the outside it's mostly new installations," said Maine. "You may do houses and it's the same thing every day. But here, it's all about repair and a lot of troubleshooting. So, there will be three or four different ways to go at one particular problem, and you just got to basically kind of figure out what's going to work the best."

The NEISD Maintenance crew is on call 24/7. This team goes out when there's rain, sleet, snow or strong winds on the radar to ensure our facilities are prepped for inclement weather and safe and up to code for our students and staff. This includes electricians, HVAC specialists, plumbing, carpentry, the grounds crew and more.

Friday, March 4, is Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day. Join us in thanking the dedicated Maintenance crew who work so hard to keep our campuses and facilities open and safe all year long. 

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Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted 3-4-22