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School Supplies



3rd Grade Shortened School Supply List


**We wanted to share the 3rd grade supply list with you. We removed a few items that we will not need in 3rd grade to hopefully save you time and money.

**The items with an asterisk (*) should be labeled with your child’s name. The other items will be community items.

*All items should be brought to your homeroom class at Meet the Teacher Night.



Pre-Sharpened #2 Pencils

*1 box

24 count crayons


5” pointed scissors


Wide ruled composition books


spiral notebooks


box washable markers


pocket folders with brads (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, 2 other colors)


Strong/Heavy Duty Zipper Supply Pouch (This will travel back and forth with students. Boxes drop and break easily so we are asking for supply pouches instead.)


bottle 8oz glue


glue sticks


standard/metric ruler 12”

*1 pkg

12 count colored pencils

1 pkg

200 count notebook paper

2 boxes

200 count tissues


***Optional: Earbuds  (HF PTA will be selling earbuds this year. You can purchase them at Meet the Teacher Night. Thanks PTA for a great idea!)