• There’s always room for you in the Forest!

    Grades K-5

    Hidden Forest Elementary School is dedicated to teaching the whole child. Our goal is to guide our students academically, socially, and emotionally. We know elementary school is an important first step in a child’s educational journey, so we make sure they are supported and empowered to be successful.

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  • Hidden Forest Teachers...

    ...love teaching.

    Discover Hidden Forest Elementary where children fuel their interests, uncover new talents alongside others who share the same passions, as well as learn leadership skills based on respect, integrity, and honesty for themselves and others.

    ...are nurturing.

    Discover teachers with a passion to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment in which your children explore their potential. Hidden Forest Elementary teachers celebrate individuality, value originality, and recognize that each child learns in different ways. Our teachers recognize the value of creating one-on-one learning opportunities and advocate for your children, your school, and your community.

    ...are innovative.

    Your child’s teachers constantly explore teaching strategies that will connect with your child and enhance your child’s learning experiences. Hidden Forest Elementary teachers know that children learn in different ways and at different times, and embrace strategies that are the best fit for your child.

    ...are accessible to you.

    Our teachers use Seesaw, Remind and Skyward, and other tools to communicate and provide a window into a classroom’s activities and lessons. Your children are in classrooms in which teachers use these tools to collaborate and update you on your child’s academic progress. Our teachers welcome your insight into your children’s needs through the years as your child advances to the next grade level.

    Our Teacher Values
    • We are caring, friendly, and kind. Team members put students’ needs first in their decision-making. Staff provides help, support, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. Each staff member is a good coach to other team members and students.
    • We communicate and listen well with parents through various means about student progress.
    • We collaborate with each other in order to develop lessons and curriculum that challenge each student every day. Team members empathize with and support each other, respecting the contributions of other team members.
    • We are knowledgeable and pursue learning opportunities in order to improve our own skills. Team members pursue growth in order to provide an innovative and creative learning environment for students.
    • We go above and beyond to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for them to succeed. Staff are critical thinkers and problem solvers, able to make connections across complex ideas.


Beautiful message to see as soon as you walk in the office. 💚

-Maria Garcia-Rios

  • Student 2 Student® is a student program that brings military and civilian students together to welcome new students, create a positive environment, support academic excellence, and ease transitions.

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  • New? Here's Where to Start

    Nobody is more qualified than you to make decisions about your child’s education. You know what is best for your child. You know what makes your child happy, excited, and curious.

    Discover below how we can work together to make sure your child succeeds, achieves, and thrives in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Review Our Daily Schedule & Procedures

    Student and staff safety is always our priority. We must all work together to keep our school safe. Here are some helpful procedures and tips to help our school run efficiently and safely. We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures.

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  • Look Up Grades, Attendance, and More

    Skyward Family Access is where students and parents can find grades, report cards, attendance records, class schedules, and graduation roadmaps.

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  • Set Up Your Student's Lunch Account

    With email and push notifications, parents can stay on top of their student’s account balance. Low balance reminders make sure parents never miss a payment and students always have adequate funds in their account.

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