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Camelot students show off their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. powers

Students holding up house signs

Students at Camelot Elementary School have been working all year on their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills. SPECIAL stands for shake hands, posture, eye contact, charm, introduce yourself, ask questions and lean in and listen. North East ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sean Maika got the chance to see those skills for himself during a SPECIAL competition. 

Second grader Gavin Castro, third graders Ethan Alejandro and Tamika Dacoco and fourth grader Ailani Martinez took part in the competition. They had to pitch a product to their counselor, try to persuade their principal and assistant principal to make a change to the campus and carry on a conversation with the superintendent.

student shaking hands with Dr. Maika student giving presentation student talking with Dr. Maika student talking to principal

The students really worked hard to get ready for the competition. They practiced their pitches with each other. Offered handshakes to just about anyone who would take one and came dressed for success.

Dr. Maika was impressed with how engaging the students were. He also mentioned how important these skills are for students to grasp early.

“When I talk to employers and industry leaders, they are always impressed with how much our students know and have access to, but they also talk about how important power skills -- like eye contact, carrying on a conversation and leadership—are for a potential hire to possess. These students here are well on their way.”

Ailani later admitted she was a bit nervous talking to Dr. Maika because, “He’s in charge of everything.” But he assured her she did a great job and didn’t seem nervous at all.

Camelot is creating leaders with “special” powers #theNEISDway

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Evan Henson
posted on: 05/22/2023