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Senior Spotlight: ISA's Victoria Trevino

Victoria holds her art with text and quote

“I think it’s a beautiful thing to admire the world and put down on paper how you see it.”

Victoria Trevino thinks in bold strokes of color. You can hear it in the way she describes her creative process and you see it reflected in her art. The International School of the Americas (ISA) senior has always been drawn to art – whether it’s drawing in a sketchbook, studying fashion and design, or using magazines or newspapers to create an original canvas for her next piece.

“I grew up drawing and that definitely gave me a healthy way to cope,” said Victoria. “It’s been very therapeutic for me. Now I’m trying to put myself out there and be vulnerable with my art and show my true myself.”

Victoria went to Oak Meadow Elementary School and Jackson Middle School before moving to California. When she returned to the Legacy of Educational Excellence (LEE) High School campus as a sophomore, she set her sights on ISA. The past two years have been transformative for her. In addition to strengthening her skills in Andrea Puentes’ art class, Victoria has thrived under the unique experiences that ISA offers its students. It’s safe to say she’ll never forget her senior trip. 

“Our trip to Washington, D.C. was really impactful. It was a great experience to learn more about art and culture in other cities and how we can implement that here in San Antonio.”

Victoria is still weighing her options, but she is leaning toward studying Fashion Design and Management at Cornell University. 

Victoria with her former coach Judie Michalek“I love all things fashion. I love how the world perceives fashion. Everyone has a different perspective. Even at this school, there are so many forms of individuality and you have to admire that. It’s the ultimate form of expression.”

Victoria has overcome many obstacles and challenges in her life. As she readies for the next chapter, she’ll never forget the support she experienced at North East ISD. During her Summa Cum Laude ceremony, she honored Judie Michalek -- a Jackson Middle School teacher whose kindness changed her life forever. 

“Aside from being one of my most influential coaches, she is also one of the most genuine and selfless people I have ever known. In my greatest time of need, Coach Michalek did more than anyone could ever ask for. She opened up her home and took me and my brother in as her own. When I was all alone, she took on that motherly role with no questions asked. Not only did she teach me the fundamentals of the sports I know and love today, but she also showed me compassion beyond anyone else in my life.”

Congratulations, Victoria! Good luck to you and the rest of the Class of 2022!

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 5-5-22