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If you love it, click it!

If you love it, click it! 

TxDOT’s Teen Click It or Ticket campaign visited MacArthur High School today to drive home the importance of wearing a seatbelt every time you get in a car. MacArthur is the only high school in San Antonio to experience this mobile campaign up close. 

The exhibit featured a mobile digital vehicle with screens displaying safety information and crash survivor testimony. It also included a trailer with the wreckage from a truck crash that involved two teenagers who walked away with minor injuries because they were wearing seat belts.

Visuals from the Click it or Ticket mobile campaign

A ‘rollover convincer’ also showed what happens to drivers and passengers when they’re not wearing a seatbelt in a crash. Students watched as unbuckled dummies were thrown from the spinning cab of a vehicle. 

“We want to remind teens to always buckle up, no matter how far the drive,” said TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams. “It only takes a few seconds to put on your seat belt, and that simple click can save a life.” 

Vehicle crashes continue to be a leading cause of death for U.S. teenagers. So, let’s partner together to #EndTheStreakTX and pledge to click your seatbelt every time you’re in a vehicle.

A special thank you to TxDOT San Antonio and Family Engagement Liaison Sabrina Lara for making this happen #theNEISDway. 

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 2-9-24