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Solving everyday problems with new inventions

Wilderness Oak inventors hold their projects at STEAM Night

Do you wish there was an easier way to clean your dog’s muddy paws? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get the perfect amount of butter on your popcorn? 

Wilderness Oak Elementary School fifth graders are solving everyday problems with their new inventions. It’s a tradition for students in Suzanne Horan's Gifted and Talented (GT) class. 

Fifth grader Anahita Balakrishnan made her own Doggy Paw Wash to get those puppy paws clean before they come inside. Ivy Reed came up with a device that provides just the right amount of butter for any meal. 

“You put a stick of butter in there and it softens the butter and pushes it out,” said Ivy. “I could really be creative and use everyday problems in my life. Making it, you had to problem solve and figure out what you could and overcome that challenge.” 

Aditri holds her bookmark inventionAditri Pal designed a new tool for readers. Her Bookmark Voice Recording Notetaker makes it easier to read and take notes through an app. 

Students showed off their inventions to family, friends and teachers at the campus STEAM Family Night. This is just the beginning for our young inventors. Several of Horan’s former GT students have gone on to patent the very inventions they dreamed up in her class. 

Making the world a better place #theNEISDway.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 2-8-23