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"I hope the students walk away from the library feeling loved."

librarian holding NEISDway sign

“My favorite part about being a librarian is that I get to see the whole campus. So instead of having a classroom of just 22 kids. I’ve got 1,000 kids here!”

Bulverde Creek Elementary School Librarian Sonja Morris loves her job.

No two days are the same.

She’s constantly reinventing the library experience for her students.

“We don’t just check out books. We are going to have fun; we are going to learn things together and do cool activities. It’s an extension to stuff they are doing in the classroom.”

Right now, they are learning about nature.

In one corner of the library, there is a Nature nook with bits of turtle shells, shed snake skin and bones. There’s a terrarium. There’s also an incubator full of eggs. In two weeks, chicks will hatch from those eggs.

So yes, it’s more than just checking out books.

“I just try to build on what they’re doing with real-life experiences.”

North East ISD librarians are certified teachers.

Sonja has a Master’s degree—all NEISD librarians do.

But there’s one crucial thing to Sonja that can’t be taught.

“I hope the students here walk away from the library feeling loved and cared about because there’s a lot of things going on right now. So, when they’re here in this building, and especially when they come to my library, I want them to know that there is someone that cares about them and values them. But I want to build them as a reader too.”

April is School Library Month.

We want to recognize all the NEISD librarians who work so hard to support our campuses and students #theNEISDway.

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 04/06/2022