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Phone: 210-407-1000


Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed. School Administration MA Teaching BA Humanities Gifted and Talented Elementary 1-8 Kindergarten School Administration

Carol Coley

Every day in the Gifted and Talented classroom is an adventure in learning!  We share our best learning with one another in so many different areas:  divergent thinking (brainstorming, categorizing in multiple ways and combining ideas), convergent thinking (finding, organizing, reflecting on and putting together clues to determine the correct answer), visual thinking (looking at things in different ways, looking for patterns, moving things around in your mind) and evaluative thinking (determining problems and brainstorming possible solutions considering different perspectives, developing criteria and judging the best answer).  We engage in thought provoking dialogue and use the Six Thinking Hats and Depth and Complexity frameworks to guide our thinking and learning.  

I get to work with a different grade level of fantastic students every day as the Gifted and Talented teacher!  Each day I look forward to the excitement and challenges of working with this special group of students.  We learn from and guide one another and get to see our thinking grow!  

I cannot wait to see where the year takes us!


Please visit the North East ISD Gifted and Talented webpage for more information.




Class Schedule


    GT students follow their grade level schedule for enrichment, recess and lunch.

    Mondays - 1st and 2nd Grade

    Tuesdays - 5th Grade

    Wednesdays - Kindergarten and 4th Grade

    Thursdays - 3rd Grade

    Fridays - Kindergarten and First Grade