• Create Comfortable Routines!

    Routines are comforting; they make new situations more predictable and help your child feel more secure. They also help you be sure you are prepared and relaxed – so your child can be too!

    • Children need adequate rest to do and feel their best. A few weeks before school starts, change your child’s bedtime and wake up time to match their school routine.
    • Help your child learn to be organized. After school begins, check their folders daily to see if there are any notes from the teacher or special papers to share or discuss.  Ask your child to help lay out clothes and gather supplies they need the night before.
    • Create a routine for when they arrive home. Some children will want to talk about their day while others may not.  Set aside some special time together daily for attention hugs and support.  Allow some play time where they can “let off steam,” get some exercise and relax.
    • Prepare your child, if there are any changes in your routine. Talk to your child about what will happen.  Send a note to the teacher to be sure there aren’t any mix-ups.  If you have to change your plans unexpectedly, please be prepared to fax or email a note stating the change.  Children need to feel confident that they can count on you to come back, and to come back when you said you would.
    • If you take your child to school, always say goodbye! A kiss, a hug, a warm touch or wave will get them off to a great start.  If your child whines or cries, prolonging the goodbye will only make it harder on both of you.  The school staff will comfort your child and try to get them involved with interesting activities.  Remember:  Most children quickly start playing soon after the parent leaves, and adjust easily and happily within a few days.

    If you invest time in helping your child make a smooth transition to school, you’ll have a more secure and happy child for years to come.

    Please join PTA and stay involved in our school activities.  We love to have parents join us for field trips and all the fun activities we do throughout the year!  The year will go quickly and you won’t want to miss out!