• As we firmly believe that life-long success depends on self-discipline, we have developed a classroom discipline plan that gives every student the opportunity to be a leader with his or her own behavior.  Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for academic growth.  The following are systems we use in our classroom to maintain an organized and stimulating learning environment.

    7 Habits Clip Chart: Each child has a clothes pin with their name on it and everyone starts the day with their clip on “Ready To Learn.” Students can demonstrate behavior above and beyond the expectations and may earn moving their clip to “Fantastic!” When behaviors are not meeting the classroom expectations students may move their clips to “Make Better Choices.” If inappropriate behaviors continue to persist their clip may be moved to “Teacher Choice.” This may mean a note home referencing the behavior, time out from free exploration, a phone call home, or an office referral. We focus on the use of the 7 habits and how our leaders are demonstrating those characteristics or how they could work to improve a particular habit.


    Daily Folders:  These folders will not only be utilized to take home daily work and teacher/parent notes, but also to record all incidents concerning your child. Please praise and reward any “Fantastic Days” in your child’s calendar as well as discuss any comments written in the folder referencing inappropriate behaviors.  Please initial and return the folder daily.


    Rewards: Children will be rewarded with reward coupons, notes, words of praise, hugs and smiles!