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Degrees and Certifications:

Special Education Cohort Special Education-EC-12 4th-8th -All content areas Gifted/Talented ESL Teacher Certification 1st-6th-all content areas B.B.A.-Marketing/Management

Michelle Amaya

This is my 22nd year in elementary education, with 17 in "The Forest," 11 as a fifth grade teacher, two in 2nd grade, and four in Special Education.  

Both of my children attended Hidden Forest, and I loved being able to see them each and every day.  Jase is now 22 and a recent graduate of SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY in Georgetown with a concentration in finance and math.  My daughter, Blythe(who is now taller than me), is 18 and a freshman at the University of Arizona where she is majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences. And, my husband, Michael is a math teacher at Driscoll Middle School in NorthEast.     

We absolutely can not forget our five sweet babies at our house.  We have a new baby, Finley, who is my sweet ShihTzu puppy, Blythe's Chihuahua, Emily, and our three CRAZY cats; Loki, who has most definitely earned his name, and our babies, Rex and Ollie, the two very mischevious kittens we recently adopted.

When we aren't school, I love gardening, or atleast I TRY to love gardening(the kids in our neighborhood most often find me in my front yard trying to keep everything alive).  Our yard is an ever-changing mix of different flower beds and attempts at attracting the birds around here in our neighborhood.  This year is seeing even more changes for my family, and we are so excited to see where life continues to take us.    

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