Under what circumstances might payment need to be made for a library book?

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Lost books and books that are destroyed (wet, missing pages, excessive food stains, pictures or text destroyed) will need to be replaced, so payment must be made by the patron.  We take every step we can to fix the books before fines are charged.

Please talk to your child about a safe place to put their books so they do not lose them, and so that they are not damaged.  By asking them to return their books on time and in good condition, we are teaching them to be responsible library patrons.  If a book is lost, late, or destroyed, a notice will be sent home with the students. 

When students have a fine on their account (for a lost or destroyed book), they are not allowed to check out new books until fines are dealt with.  In an effort to keep books in our students' hands, we will accept small payments each time a child checks out one book at a time.  If the one book is returned and another small payment is made, the student will check out one new book.  This process repeats until the fine is paid in full.  At that time, the student will go back to regular checkouts.