Medication on Campus

Medication on Campus

If your child requires medication at school, a Medication Administration Request form or Asthma Action Plan must be completed by your child's physician.  All medications must be delivered and picked up by an adult.  Students are not allowed to bring their medication, inhaler or other medical items to school.  This includes cough drops.  Parents must provide them directly to the nurse and all information must be documented.  

Prescription Medication:  Short term prescription medication will only be administered according to the instructions on the prescription container for ten school days. and must be accompanied by a written request from the parents/guardians.  Medications to be given daily all year, medications that must be given during certain emergency situations, and medications necessary for the management of chronic conditions must be accompanied by written authorization from the prescribing physician and parents/guardian.  Any changes to ths prescription that occur during the year requires new authorization.  The prescription label and physician's order must match at all times.  

Non-prescription Medication:  The administration of non-prescription medication is permitted only on a very limited basis and only with written permission from parents/guardians.  Medications without a physician's order will be administered for ten (10) school days.  A physician's order wll be required thereafter.  

Other types of medications, such as, but not limited to, homeopathic products, vitamins, herbs, dietary supplements, intravenous medications, and medications manufactured outside the United States will not be administered.

If you have any other questions regarding medications, please feel free to contact me.