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      This course introduces 6th grade students to world cultures, explores case studies to learn about the different aspects of social studies, and explores historical and contemporary world societies.  The Basics is the first major theme covered.  It introduces geography, culture, world religions, government and economics.

       Historical Change is the second theme covered in this course. These units are designed to teach students why world cultures change over time. The theme of historical change is an anchor for the next two years of study of history. Students will examine world cultures of the past and examine the factors that made these societies change. These factors are migration or movement of ideas and people, cultural diffusion and convergence- the spread of culture and how world cultures begin to blend together, trade, conflict/war, and technological innovation.

       The third major theme is contemporary global issues. The third theme introduces students to two major issues that affect world today; Human Rights and economic development.


Year at a Glance

First Semester:  Geography Basics, Demographics, Economics Basics, World Religions, Cultural Legacy of Ancient Greece & Rome, Change caused by Cultural Diffusion & Exchange

Second Semester:  Change Caused by Cultural Innovation & Convergence, Government Basics, Change Caused by Cultural Conflict, Economic Development, Globalization, and Human Rights


How to Improve a Failing Grade

*Turn in all missing assignments

*Attend a tutoring session for additional help

*Take the opportunity to retest or correct a failing test to raise that grade to a 70

*Late work that is not submitted on the due date, with the exception of absences, can be submitted with a 20% reduction of the total grade earned


What to do when absent

Student must check red crate (They will find any student handouts, directions, and information regarding the assignments missed).

Students can check my website to see daily agendas.



-Daily Assignments, Homework , and Quizzes will be 75% of grade.
-Tests and Projects will be 25% of grade.



Website: Go to the Driscoll website.


Tutoring Times:

MWF 7:50am-8:20am 

*after school or lunch as needed



Be prepared (Bring your materials to class)

Participate (Take part in the class and all activities)

Show respect (Treat others the way you want to be treated)



-A section in your binder

-Notebook paper

-1 spiral

-1 folder

-Colored pencils

-Pencil or pen

-Highlighter (optional)

*kleenex boxes are welcome and appreciated throughout year