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First Week of School

Click here to view puzzle me image.

*  This is an activity that I use with my second graders for the first week of school.

*  Teacher will provide each student with a puzzle piece on the first day of school.

*  The "Puzzle Me"  activity will be due on Friday, September 1, 2017.

*  This activity has students write, type, draw, use photographs and pictures from family albums, magazines, or computer, cut, and glue on puzzle piece.

*  This activity requires students write their name, favorite subject, favorite sport, hobby, favorite band/type of music, favorite TV/movie, grade, family members, favorite color and birthday. Students have to label each picture on the puzzle piece.

*  I hang all of these above my board and use them to help students with social greetings and interactions. We will refer back to them throughout the first month or so of school to help with writing/journaling.