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Getting involved was a game changer for one NEISD parent

Parent involvement equals student success. 

This is something North East ISD parent Alexandria Martinez experienced first-hand. 

“Before, I just let the kids be at school. I wasn’t involved and didn’t want to be a bother until my daughter started struggling one year and I didn’t know what was going on. At that point, I was desperate for help. So, I made a decision for myself as a parent to get involved, utilize every program and the people around me to see if that would make a difference.”

Getting involved at Roosevelt High School made a bigger difference than Alexandria ever imagined. She went from being out of the loop to being fully plugged in as a parent and advocate for her daughter, who went from struggling to thriving. 

Roosevelt Family Specialist Melissa Mendiola prides herself on making connections with parents. She was the catalyst that helped Alexandria get involved. One of the campus events she loves to attend is the PTA Principal’s Coffee. It’s important for Roosevelt Principal Bryan Norwood to connect with parents and encourage open dialogue by inviting them to share what’s on their mind. 

Bryan Norwood speaks to parents at the Principal's Coffee event“It’s a two-way street,” said Norwood. “I’m here to listen. I want to know their concerns and their wins because we’re all in this together.” 

Because we’re all in this together, parents like Alexandria don’t have to face their challenges alone. She says taking the first step to getting connected at your child’s school could change your life. 

“I love my daughter and I’ve seen the effects of not participating or connecting. Ever since I started getting plugged in and connected, my daughter has turned around 100% - she’s more involved, playing sports, in AP classes and feels better mentally. It strengthened our relationship as mother and daughter. I feel very grateful to have all the staff here acting as one big family.” 

If you want to get involved at your child’s campus, contact the Family Specialist or Counseling team.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 11-16-22