Mr. Casares

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Mr. Casares

Hello my name is Victor Casares, I started teaching at MacArthur High School in 2012. I am currently teaching Principles of Architecture and Construction and Electrical Technology. I served in the United States Navy during Operation Desert storm and Operation Desert Shield. After completing my term in the military I started my electrical carrier with Bexar Electric in 1996 and stayed with them for over ten years and then moving on with Hill Electric. I have been currently in the electrical field for over nineteen years now and been employed for over eight years with the IEC national adult electrical apprenticeship program. It has been such a great privilege and opportunity to really take time and help my students excel in their future endeavors.

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period (9:00 – 9:50) Principles Of Construction
    2nd Period (9:55 - 10:51) Principles Of Construction
    3rd Period (10:56 - 11:45) Principles Of Construction
    4th Period (11:50 - 12:39) LUNCH
    5th Period (12:44 - 1:33) Elecrical-1
    6th Period (1:38 - 2:27) Electrical-1
    7th Period (2:32 - 3:21) Conference Period
    8th Period (3:26 - 4:15) Electrical-1