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Degrees and Certifications:

Interdisciplinary Studies with Specialization in Reading and Math

Miss Elizabeth Schneider

Howdy from your dedicated Dyslexia Therapist at Coker Elementary! Time truly has a way of soaring by, as I find myself embracing my 22nd remarkable year in education. My journey began as a third-grade teacher, and over the course of two decades, I evolved into an Instructional Intervention Teacher and a passionate Dyslexia Interventionist at Stahl Elementary, where I wholeheartedly invested 21 fulfilling years. Now, with a heart brimming with enthusiasm, I embark on this exciting new chapter at Coker Elementary, a realm where I guide and empower dyslexic students and ignite a profound love for reading in all learners.

San Antonio flows through my veins as my hometown, and I am a proud offspring of the Northeast ISD legacy. My education began at  Thousand Oaks Elementary to Bradley Middle School and ended at MacArthur High School, where I was an integral part of the Brahmadora Dance Team. My thirst for knowledge carried me to Southwest Texas State University, now renowned as Texas State University, where I passionately pursued an Interdisciplinary Studies degree specializing in Reading and Mathematics. Let's hear it for the BOBCATS, a badge I wear with pride! This journey led me to a recent achievement – the esteemed Certification as an Academic Language Therapist, a pivotal step towards my ongoing quest for a master's in Special Education, with a focused specialization in Dyslexia. The adventure continues as I pursue my master's degree at Midwestern State University, fueling my passion.

Beyond my dedication to the world of academia, my life is an enchanting canvas. Among them, the art of reading takes precedence, a symphony of words that enriches my soul. As a testament to my determination, I've triumphed in two marathons and showcased my prowess in two exhilarating fitness competitions in 2014 – a testament to my commitment to mental and physical well-being. My heart finds solace in sunflowers, the delicate elegance of butterflies, and the endearing charm of the timeless character, Eeyore.

As the dawn of the 2023-2024 school year unfurls before us, I stand poised and thrilled to guide our students through another captivating chapter of their educational journey. With boundless optimism and an unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds, I eagerly anticipate the wondrous odyssey that lies ahead. Together, let's script a year filled with growth, exploration, and a shared love for the magic of learning!


Ms. Schneider's Class Schedule

  • I anticipate my schedule's release as it takes shape. Be aware that changes can arise during the year. Feel free to reach out if you wish to schedule a conference. Your connection matters as we journey through the academic year together.