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Cinema Audition Requirements

Please direct all questions about the Cinema program to Heidi Whitus:

Do you love making films? Or maybe you just love watching and thinking about films, and want to learn how to create them. Students in the NESA Cinema program spend two class periods every day learning how to use film equipment, how to analyze films, how to write screenplays, and the history of film. They work in groups to produce animation, fiction, documentary and experimental films. Prior experience in filmmaking is NOT necessary for admission to this program.


Due to our current COVID-19 situation, we are eliminating all face to face auditions: Cinema program auditions will be conducted through an online process. 

If you are invited to audition based on your application, you will receive an email with instructions for completing the following:


Qualified Applicants will receive a link to a Google Form before the Audition date; they will choose one of the three prompts to write a synopsis of a film idea. 

IMPORTANT: The student applicant must complete this writing prompt entirely on their own, with NO assistance from anyone else, including online sources or written materials of any kind. You will be asked to certify this in the last question.


Qualified Applicants will receive a list of Interview Questions to answer in a video that will be uploaded to Flipgrid. You may either (1) record directly in Flipgrid, or (2) you can make a video using any technology you have available, and then upload that video to Flipgrid. You can be as creative as you like with this video, as long as you answer the Interview Questions.

This Filpgrid is "moderated," meaning that the videos can only be seen by the Cinema Director and our faculty audition panelists.

Please Note: students should not be discouraged because of lack of prior experience in this field. We are seeking students who demonstrate potential to be talented filmmakers. Show us your passion for cinema, your desire to use your creativity to make films, and your willingness to work hard in a group setting.