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PE Guidelines

Stone Oak Elementary

Physical Education Guidelines



The mission of the North East Independent School District's Physical Education and Health Department is to provide opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle throught dynamic physical activity programs that allow all students to be successful.


  • Students in elementary shall have a minimum of 135 minutes per week or 225 minutes per every two weeks as part of a rotation schedule of structured, physical activity as part of the physical education curriculum.
  • All 3-5 grade students will participate in the FITNESSGRAM physical assessment. Components tested will include the following: PACER (cardiovascular endurance); HT/WT (used to calculate BMI); CURL-UPS and PUSH-UPS (muscular strength/endurace); and SHOULDER STRETCH and TRUNK LIFT (flexibility.


A grade of E, S, N, or U will be provided to each student per 9-week grading period.

The grade will be determined by:

65% = Social Emotional Development
35% = Physical Literacy (Movement & Knowledge)

Social Emotional Development is attained in Physical Education on a daily basis through team building activities and friendly competitions that require Self Concept, Problem Solving, and Cooperation. With positive interaction between teacher and peers, students develop the skills needed to socialize effectively in "real world" situations.

Physical Literacy (Movement & Knowledge) is the development of knowledge and skills to enable one to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities.

Appropriate Dress
In order to ensure student safety, proper attire is required for participation in physical education activities. Please wear rubber soled, closed toe sneakers, and athletic gear such as shorts/sweatpants and t-shirts to all PE activities.


For students to be excused from physical education activities, they must have a note from their parent/guardian. If the excuse is for more than three consecutive days, students must have a statement from a medical doctor specifying the need and the approximate length of the recuperative period. Restricted PE forms may be utilized to determine, if possible, how current lessons can be modified to meet the student's physical needs for recuperative periods extending past 2 weeks in length. Students may be provided an alternative grade-appropriate assignements in order to continue their instructional learning. Notes removing students from participation in physical education activities will also be applied across the campus for items such as recess, field days, and/or field trips.


Students are expected to follow all school/district rules per the student/parent handbook. Being attentive, cooperative, caring, helpful, and honest are all expectations that lead to a happy and healthy PE environment.