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Kindergarten Soft Start

Dear Parents of Kindergarten Students,                                                         8/4/2023

Thank you for choosing Huebner Elementary to begin your child’s journey into public school education. We are excited to meet your little ones and to get this year started! We know that this can be a nervous and exciting time for you and your child. 

We are still busy registering new kindergarten students. At Huebner, we have three amazing kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Carlson, and Mrs. Creekmore. They are a fantastic team of early childhood educators. Students who are fully registered will be assigned to one of these teachers, however, we are going to spend the first two weeks of school having all the students and all of the teachers get to know each other in kindergarten.  

As we work to have the most balanced Kindergarten classes, we will have a “soft start” for the first two weeks of school. Kindergarten is such a critical year in student development and grouping students in a way that allows for each child to truly reach their potential is vital.


What is a “soft start?” This is a term that allows flexibility in student classes before final classes are formed. Your child will have the opportunity to work with all three kinder teachers for the first weeks of school. Our kindergarten teachers will be team teaching and working together to get to know and support all our new Huskies. They will each work in one-on-one, small group and large group settings with all students to observe student interaction and facilitate introductory academic and social skill lessons. This will allow the larger team to make informed decisions about final class placement and help us build well balanced classrooms overall.

After we have gotten to know each other, we will make any necessary moves in order to balance the classes after new students have enrolled and will assign a permanent teacher for the year. 

Please talk to your child about this before the first day of school and help them prepare to get to know all the teachers. We are excited for the opportunity that this will allow us to build the best classes possible. 


When you come for Meet the Teacher night on Thursday, please go to the class that you are assigned to for now, as that will be their home base for the first two weeks of school.  You will receive a call from the teacher next week with that information. 

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to building a great relationship with you all. 

See you soon, 

Ms. Halliburton