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Teacher Feature: Coker's Lauren Ramos

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“I always knew I wanted to come back to the District.”

Coker Elementary School PE teacher Lauren Ramos was just five years old when she started her journey with North East ISD. She attended Oak Grove Elementary school until second grade. Then, she moved to Redland Oaks Elementary School when it opened. After that, she attended Driscoll Middle School and graduated from MacArthur High school. After college, she made her way back, teaching at Clear Spring Elementary School, then Longs Creek Elementary School. After that, she taught at Windcrest Elementary school and is now at Coker.

“I think this is 20 years with North East. Nine years at Coker. So, take out the years I went to UT, but I was born and raised NEISD.”


Now her own kids attend NEISD schools. She loves this District. She loves the community. She gets tears in her eyes thinking of all the teachers she’s had along the way and the students she’s had the opportunity to impact.

“So, my first group at Longs Creek, a lot of them are teaching in the District now, which just baffles me. I walked into our teacher orientation at the beginning of the year and saw previous students. They were coming and talking to me. It’s the coolest thing-- makes me feel a little old--but that’s amazing.”

Over the years, she’s taught various grade levels in different classrooms, but she likes her current role the best. As a PE teacher, she doesn’t just get a classroom of kids to love; she gets the entire school. She gets to teach students and their siblings. She gets to make the connection between teamwork on the field and group work in the classroom. 

“We as teachers have such a great way to connect with these students, encourage them, and help them be as successful as possible. So, I think at the end of the day, making those connections, and taking the time to get to know your kids is so incredibly important. I’m so incredibly fortunate to have the job I have and to be able to work with every kid at the school. I love it here.”

Lauren with her former teacher

Lauren with her former third grade teacher

Evan Henson
posted on: 03/20/2023