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There’s no substitute for a great substitute

Brenda Spradling is right at home in her kindergarten class at Coker Elementary School. As a substitute teacher, she plays a crucial role on campus. By dedicating her time and skills to NEISD, she ensures that hundreds of students and teachers at Coker can remain in daily routine.

“Substitute teachers are very important,” said Spradling. “When they don’t have a substitute teacher for a classroom, students have to be distributed throughout that grade level and it disrupts those other classrooms and those students’ learning and the daily routines of those classrooms.”

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an even bigger village to run a school. Our schools simply could not keep their doors open without substitutes.

“A substitute teacher comes into the classroom and tries best to assimilate what the teacher does on a daily basis,” explained Spradling. “So,being able to come in and keep that classroom a unit is really important for the entire school community so everyone can continue with their daily routine.”

Spradling is no stranger to Coker. Her children attended school there and she’s been involved in the PTA for years. While filling in as a sub was a bit of a leap of faith, her connection to the school makes it feel like a second home.

“This has actually been more of a fulfilling experience than I thought it would be,” said Spradling. “The teachers and the staff all the way around are so open and so welcoming and just so appreciative of all the subs. It makes me want to continue to come into the campus and serve in whatever capacity – be it a paraprofessional or a substitute teacher in the classroom.”

Thank you to Brenda and all of our substitutes for choosing to share their talents and passions at NEISD. 

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Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 12-8-21