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Welcome to STAARBucks!

Huebner fourth graders in their STAARbucks aprons


Huebner Elementary School fourth graders in Diana Villanueva’s class converted into a STAARBucks Café this week as students donned green aprons to become STAARistas. 

Villanueva came up with the idea ahead of the STAAR test, putting a fun twist on the countdown to the test so students are engaged and excited. The kids loved every detail, from the apron to the order cards and even a STAARBucks app that lets them earn points. 

“I knew I wanted a point system, just like Starbucks, and Ms. Roeber, our IT specialist created an app,” said Villanueva. “The app has truly been the best part of all of this! The kids are so engaged and invested in learning.  It has truly been a collaboration of love for the kids to get this idea off the ground.  I am surrounded by amazing people that helped make this happen.” 

Teachers like Villanueva work tirelessly to keep learning fun, interesting and engaging. Her passion challenges and inspire her students as they immerse themselves in a lesson they’ll never forget. 

Taking orders and making learning fun #theNEISDway

Classroom converted into STAARBucks Cafe

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 4-19-24