• For as long as I can remember, music has been a force in my life. Playing instruments as a child gave me a chance to express myself with “just sounds” when words were inadequate. Singing taught me how to be aware of and in control of my body, how to listen to every single sound around me, and it gave me courage to always make an honest effort. Reading music gave me tools to deal with my dyslexia, taught me a whole new language, and allowed me to discover cultures and eras in a way that nothing else could accomplish. Dancing (Latin / Ballroom / Square) also gives me great joy, and it re-energizes me to want to continue creating music that is equally inspiring. I’ve continued participating in music to this day, and I can proudly say that I’ve been a member of a band, choir, orchestra, consort, opera company, and/or dance team my whole life. I think everyone deserves to feel the power of music working in their own lives just like I’ve had in mine.
    To see a pictorial autobiography of my musical life, visit my schoology blog.