• I am the music teacher, and here are some random bits of information about me. (If you are interested in less-random info, follow the links to the left.)

    The kids are supposed to call me Ms. Divnick, but little ones sometimes struggle with such a name. I've been called Ms. Picnic, Ms. Disney, Ms. Dipstick, Ms. Nick-nick, Ms. Music (because that just makes sense), and "Ms... Ms.... Ms... Ma'am!"

    My favorite color is "iridescent," which technically isn't an actual color, but a characteristic of color. Having a "play of lustrous colors," however, is one of the best parts of life.

    An amazing place that I've had the privilege of visiting is "The Baths" on Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. An amazingly intriguing place I've not yet visited is Zadar, Croatia.

    I have two dogs - an American Bulldog mix, and a Xoloitcuintli (a.k.a. Mexican Hairless) mix.

    Gardening and sewing (or attempting to) are two things that calm and delight me.

    I enjoy the writing process: editing and revising (finding that perfect turn of phrase) thrill me.