• The Pre-K Academy is proud to provide a safe, reliable, economical, and courteous school bus service to all eligible students. Our buses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to increase student safety. Transportation is available by shuttle service if you are part of the pre-k cluster. Otherwise, registered students can sign up to be picked up from any of the 7 transportation hubs located within the NEISD District.

    Please note: Tuition students are charged $100 per semester for transportation services. 

Pre-K Academy
Start/End Times

7:30 AM–2:45 PM

Parents will be able to drop off students at 6:50 AM

After School Care

  • All students registered with KIN at the Pre-K Academy will attend the KIN program at the Pre-K Academy campus.

    Transportation is not provided from the Pre-K Academy campus to any other KIN program at any other campus.


Students in the Pre-K Cluster

  • Students within the pre-k cluster have one of the following campuses as their home campus: 

    View the NEISD Boundaries Webpage to find your home campus.


    Shuttle service is available to all registered Pre-K Academy students within the pre-k cluster.

Hubs for All Other Registered Students